Allstar Seaworthy

Allstar Seaworthy is the main hero of Snorks. He is yellow, brave, smart and great at leadership. Whenever he has a good idea on how to save the day or solve a problem, the star on his shirt twirls around. He's a young high schooler who goes on adventures from time to time in Snorkland, where all the other snorks live. He has an octopus sidekick named Occy, who barks like a dog.

Allstar's friends are his love interest Casey Kelp; Daffney Gilfin; Tooter Shelby; Dimmy Finster, who disappeared in the third season of the show, and his tagalong rival, Junior Wetworth. Allstar's nemesis, Bigweed, showed up in the third season as the main villain of the series. Allstar sometimes helps the new police snork Corky foil Bigweed's troublesome plans. But Allstar has teamed up (reluctantly) with Bigweed on occasions. Still, Allstar is brave and has a good sense of what's right and wrong.

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