Angel was a beautiful, seductive and very sexy nightclub singer on Fish Police.


Angel Jones was the lead singer at Calamari's club and another love interest for Detective Gill. Despite his protests in the first episode that they are just friends, Angel strongly hints at being in love with Gill with her constant seductive flirting with him throughout the entire series. She has a very voluptuous figure and seems to be slightly inspired by Jessica Rabbit, a character in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The series itself makes note of this in the first episode, in which Angel parodies Jessica's "I'm not bad..." line..

In the first episode, it is revealed that Angel used to work with Gil. When Gil went to the Shell Shack, Angel invited him to a dark booth in the corner to be alone with him. When Gil told Angel he can't help her if she ties his fins to which Angel remarks that he use to like it. This implies that they were involved in some bondage. Later Gil had to arrest her for seemingly killing Clam.


  • Gil - Love interest
  • Calamari - friend
  • Pearl - Only female friend.


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