Steven Spielberg presents Animaniacs is an animated variety series mainly featuring three "puppy-like" creatures the Warner Brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and their sister Dot. The trio live in a water tower on the Warner Bros. studio lot (and often create havoc there). The show featured rotating segments with other characters like The Goodfeathers (a parody of sterotypical mafia characters from movies such as Goodfellas and The Godfather); Mindy and Buttons; Slappy the Squirrel, and Pinky and the Brain, a pair of rodents who are bent on world domination.

Animaniacs premiered on September 13, 1993 and new episodes ran through the 1998 season. A total of 99 episodes were produced, along with a direct-to-video movie, Wakko's Wish, and a theatrical cartoon short film. The show introduced the popular cartoon characters Pinky and the Brain, who were subsequently spun off into their own TV series in 1995.

Animaniacs also influenced some of Hanna-Barbera's output from 1994 onward, such as Scooby-Doo! in Arabian Nights.


  • "Valuable Lesson"
The Warners are visited by the network censors after harassing Attila the Hun and are brought to the censor's studio to show them what a children's show is like. They rolled a Snuggler cartoon, which is a parody to "Smurfs".
  • "Back in Style"
After the closing of the WB animation department in the early 1960s, the Warners are loaned out to other cartoon studios to help their own studio keep making profit. One of the studios that use the Warners in their cartoons is name Phil and Schmo's studios, which are a parody of Hanna-Barbera. The Warners star in parody cartoons of Yogi Bear and Scooby-Doo.
  • "Bumbie's Mom"
Bumbie's Mother was Married to George Jetson.


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