Apache Chief is the American Indian hero on Challenge of the Superfriends. He has the ability to grow to many times his natural size and mass by intoning, "Inuk chuk!"


Apache Chief (whose real name was never revealed) was given a special powder by his tribe's medicine man that would give him power that amplified his courage. As he poured this powder over himself, he was enabled the power to increase his size and mass. However, at the same time this took place, a watching woman stole this powder and poured it on herself, giving her the same power to increase her size and mass. She would call herself Giganta.

Before becoming a member of the Justice League, Apache Chief had been trained in methods of tracking and wilderness survival.


Apache Chief was one of the "ethnic" heroes Hanna-Barbera created for Challenge of the Superfriends. Though Hanna-Barbera wanted to create a more "politically correct" team of heroes, the writers fell back on age-old stereotypes. In the case of Apache Chief, this meant speaking in stilted tones commonly associated with American Indians.

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