April Stewart

April Stewart is a character from The Funky Phantom. she is voiced by Kristina Holland. Augie and Skip fight over her, so she feels depressed that she can't decide which boy she should date.


April is a kind-hearted, helpful and friendly girl. She is also the smart member of the gang, and whenever her friends are in trouble, she is always there to help. April is also shown to have a strong father-daughter relationship with Mudsy.

April acts as the voice of reason and always calms Augie and Skip down when they are arguing, talks Mudsy into facing his fears when solving mysteries, and she has a secret crush on Augie. She is sometimes getting kidnapped by the villains, but the guys always come to her rescue. Overall, she has the most common sense and is the most normal out of all of her friends.

Physical appearance

April has long blond hair, has beautiful blue eyes and loves fashion. She wears a white turtleneck sweater with a dark blue blouse and a white skirt. She is the only human to have regular eyes.


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