The Atom (real name Ray Palmer) was a recurring hero on Super Friends. He can shrink himself small enough to stand on Wonder Woman's shoulder. Wally Burr voiced him in all appearances except "Energy Mass".


  • Shrinking: This power also gives him sub-atomic strength.
  • Mass alteration: The Atom can instantly alter his molecular density to whatever degree he desires. He can also assume any weight at any height, up to his full 180 pounds. On Super Friends, he was never shown at his natural size.
  • Flight: He glides on air currents.
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Atomic pulse: He can project atomic particles that disrupt sonar.


  • 1977: "Energy Mass", "Cable Car Rescue"
  • 1980: "Elevator to Nowhere", "The Man in the Moon"
  • 1981: "Sink Hole", "The Iron Cyclops"
  • 1983: "Roller Coaster"
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