Beauty Queen for a Day
  • First aired: September 19, 1982
  • Story by: Patsy Cameron
  • Duration: 11 minutes



The boys have formed the infamous He-Man Woman Haters' Club, which promoted discrimination toward girls. The first meeting was getting underway, and the boys vowed to take an oath by standing on their left foot, and making various misogynist promises. Trouble mounts as Darla pounds a mallet against a pipe to activate the club's phone. Alfalfa answers, and Darla orders him to send her up. Alfalfa respects President Spanky's wishes and hurts Darla's feelings.

Later, a new blond girl, Dolly Van Dumpling, moves into the neighborhood, and catches the boys' attentions. They do everything they can to win Dolly's heart, all but ignoring Darla. Darla is so hurt that she decides to run away from home with Pete, but then a loudspeaker van drives by, promoting the upcoming Little Miss Greenpoint Beauty Pageant, plugging for contestants. Darla was suddenly interested in joining the contest, realizing there is another chance to win back the boys' friendship.

Meanwhile, on the night of the pageant, the boys sabotage the event, and try everything they can to humiliate Darla, and win the affections of Dolly. After Darla learned that her dress was replaced by a gown made of a potato sack, the judges declared Dolly the winner of the pageant, and Darla broke out in tears as the contest drew to a close.

The next day, Darla seemed to have recovered from the catastrophe, and the boys apparently felt sympathetic for her after losing the contest, and threw a surprise party, naming her the queen of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, which most likely made the club's name a moot point by that time.


  • This is the only episode title that contains the letter Q.
  • Although the first Saturday-morning airing of this episode was on October 2, 1982, the actual first airing of this episode was on September 19, 1982 - without a title card - during the Pac-Preview Party, hosted by Dick Clark.
  • Darla carries a bindle stick while she runs away from home. Porky later carries one in "King of the Hobos".
  • The He-Man Woman Haters' Club may be a shoutout to various Our Gang theatrical shorts, such as "Mail and Female" and "Hearts are Thumps". It was later featured in the 1994 film adaptation of The Little Rascals.

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