Bizarro is a villain in DC Comics, who resembles an ugly version of Superman. Bizarro's skin is a multi-faceted crystalline compound that slightly resembles crumbled chalk.

Character history

Criminal mastermind Lex Luthor once acquired the designs for a Duplicator Ray first envisioned by a scientist named Professor Dalton. Modifying the device, Luthor intended on using it to create a super-strong clone of his nemesis, Superman: a mindless slave who would obey Luthor's every command. However, the duplication process failed and resulted in the creation of an imperfect duplicate of Superman. This artificial being later began to refer to itself as Bizarro.

Hanna-Barbera appearances

Bizarro's animation debut was as a member of the Legion of Doom on Challenge of the Superfriends. He was later redesigned and recast for The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.

Casting history

External links

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