Dynomutt blue falcon

Blue Falcon with Dynomutt.

Blue Falcon, a.k.a. Radley Crowne, is Dynomutt's master in the series Dynomutt, Dog Wonder. Like Space Ghost and Birdman, he is one of the more prominent Hanna-Barbera superheroes, and has even allied himself with Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Mystery Gang from time to time, as when he fought against one of his arch-enemies, Mr. Hyde.

Years later, Blue Falcon showed up in Dexter's Laboratory in his own episode. His greatest foe, the Buzzard, killed Dynomutt in action, and Blue Falcon needed him fixed. When he was, however, Dynomutt was confined to the laboratory, and couldn't fight crime as a result. Because of this, Blue Falcon needed a replacement. As a direct result, he got Dynomutt 2.0. While Dynomutt 2.0 was a loyal and faithful companion, it took its job way too seriously, even going so far as to set a man on fire for littering. When Dynomutt and Dexter decide to assist Blue Falcon, they defeat Dynomutt 2.0, and Dexter gained two new friends.

Blue Falcon and Dynomutt reappear in the direct-to-video animated film Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon.

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