Boogey Biker

Boogey Biker

Red Herring unmasked

The Boogey Biker appears in "Night of the Boogey Biker", an episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. He was the mysterious biker and arch-nemesis whom Hedda Herring faced in the Coolsville Cross Country Race many years ago, but he disappeared during the race section in Devil's Canyon. His identity was later used as the disguise of Red Herring, who took his aunt's bike.

Physical appearance

The Boogey Biker appears to be a living human skeleton. He wears a tattered short-sleeved red shirt with blue vest, accompanied by blue jeans and brown boots. His helmet has a spike on top. His eyes are red with black pupils.


Early life

The real Boogey Biker was the biker who faced Hedda Herring in the Coolsville Cross Country Race many years ago, and disappeared during the race when he tried to take a shortcut in Devil's Canyon. Hedda believed that his ghost was still looking for revenge on her.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Red Herring explained to the gang and his aunt that he didn't steal her bike... he wanted to spruce it up and put the sidecar on it so his aunt would have a place to keep her groceries. He meant it as a birthday present, and dressed up as the Boogey Biker to scare the gang off the track so it wouldn't ruin his reputation.

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