Born Flea is a Riches segment that aired on the Season 3 premiere of the Richie Rich cartoon series, as part of The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. The segment first aired on ABC on September 25, 1982 (it would have aired on September 11, 1982 if not for the 1982 Animators Strike).

Voice Cast


Richie and Gloria go to a circus where the performers are fleas.


  • This segment's title was a play on the title of the classic film Born Free.
  • This was the first segment in the series that Richie's voice had changed to a more mature-sounding boy. This was likely due to Sparky Marcus having become a teenager in 1982.
  • Fleas were also involved in the Treasure Chest segment T.V. Dollar, which aired in Season 1 and would be rebroadcast later in Season 3.