Bubi Bear (voiced by Paul Winchell). He is the double-talking part of the group. Bubi constantly speaks in a sort of bafflegab way, which makes perfect for distracting and/or confusing Mr. Peevly. For instance in Episode "Rare Bear Bungle" after Hair says that it's always a pleasure to meet new faces, Bubi says "Oh yes, sir. It's always a great pleasure to get a try with a they. He deludes Peevly and Botch with his false historical knowledge as evidenced in "The Bear Who Came to Dinner", where to plea the bears's case that Square Bear should stay in the main office after slipping on a banana peal dropped by Peevly. Bubi says: It's the same try.... the case of of 1898 of Griz L. Bear vs Timbuck Zoo, where the tray....fell on his back.... and the zookeeper, they crilled him, threw away the key. Although, his speech, not quite as impossible to understandable as Klunk's from Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, may have been inspired by the gibberish that Al Kelly would often use in his vaudeville acts in a combination with the voice of Jerry Mahoney (Paul Winchell's dummy in his ventriloquist show). Hair also asks Bubi to use his bafflegab to influence others of plots, like Square in "Bridal Boo Boo", and Bananas in "King Klong versus The Masked Marvel". In the episode "No Space Like Home", it seemed that Bubi's speech is understandable to aliens of an unknown planet. Bubi is the shortest, dark brown coloured, has a yellow hat and a pink and yellow stripped shirt.

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