"Bye-Bye Baby" is a Riches segment that aired on the fourth episode in Season 2 of the Richie Rich cartoon series, as part of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show. The episode first aired on ABC on October 3, 1981.

Voice Cast


Richie's parents are on their way to an opera. Richie is informed he has to look after a baby named Penny, who is left on the front doorstep by a guy claiming to be Papa Poorly. Little did Richie know that Penny was actually a male dwarf robber dressed as a baby girl, and whenever Richie was out of sight, Penny took advantage and made an attempt to rob the Rich mansion.


  • In the comic book series, Richie has an infant cousin named Penny, who is the infant sister of Reggie Van Dough, and has a lock of hair over her forehead shaped like a dollar sigm. She does not appear in the animated series.

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