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Cb bears
CB Bears was an hourlong omnibus show produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC in 1977. The headliners were a trio of mystery-solving bears (voiced by Daws Butler, Henry Corden and Chuck McCann) who received assignments via citizens band radio. The five other segments were:

Episodes of the CB Bears segment were later aired as filler on the CBS children's series Captain Kangaroo.

Voice cast

CB Bears

Heyyy, It's the King!

Posse Impossible

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Undercover Elephant


Blastoff Buzzard

  1. Buzzard, You're a Turkey
  2. Hard Headed Hard Hat
  3. Hearts and Flowers, Buzzards and Snakes
  4. The Egg and Aye, Aye, Aye
  5. Testing, One, Two, Three
  6. Ho, Ho, Ho, It's the Birthday Buzzard
  7. Wheelin' and Reelin'
  8. Buzzard, Clean Up Your Act
  9. Backyard Buzzard
  10. Spy in the Sky
  11. First Class Buzzard
  12. Freezin' and Sneezin'
  13. Cousin Snaky Is a Groove

CB Bears

  1. The Missing Mansion Mystery
  2. The Doomsday Mine
  3. Follow That Mountain
  4. The Valley of No Return
  5. The Fright Farm
  6. Drackenstein's Revenge
  7. Water, Water, Nowhere
  8. Wild, Wild Wilderness
  9. Island of Terror
  10. Go North, Young Bears
  11. The Invasion of the Blobs
  12. Disaster from the Skies
  13. The Disappearing Satellites

Heyyy, It's the King!

  1. The Blue Kangaroo
  2. The First King of Mars
  3. The Riverbed 5000
  4. Surf's Up
  5. The King and His Jokers
  6. Hot Gold Fever
  7. The Carnival Caper
  8. The Unhappy Heavy Hippo
  9. The King for Prez
  10. Snowbound Safari
  11. The Great Billionaire Chase Case
  12. Boat Fever
  13. Go for It, King

Posse Impossible

  1. Big Duke and Li'l Lil
  2. Trouble at Ghostarado
  3. The Not So Great Train Robbery
  4. The Alabama Brahma Bull
  5. The Crunch Bunch Crashout
  6. One of Our Rivers Is Missing
  7. The Sneakiest Rustler in the West
  8. Bad Medicine
  9. Busting Boomerino
  10. Roger the Dodger
  11. Riverboat Sam, the Gambling Man
  12. The Invisible Kid
  13. Calamity John

Shake, Rattle and Roll

  1. Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
  2. The Ghostly Ghoul Is a Ghastly Guest
  3. There's No Pest Like a Singing Guest
  4. Shake the Lion-Hearted
  5. The Real Cool Ghoul
  6. Spooking Is Hazardous to Your Health
  7. Spooking the Spook
  8. From Scream to Screen
  9. Gloom and Doom De-Doom
  10. Polt R. Geist
  11. Too Many Kooks
  12. A Scary Face from Outer Space
  13. Health Spa Spooks

Undercover Elephant

  1. The Sneaky Sheik
  2. Baron Von Rip'em Off
  3. The Moanin' Lisa
  4. Pain in the Brain
  5. The Great Hospital Hassle
  6. Latin Losers
  7. Dr. Doom's Gloom
  8. Chicken Flickin' Caper
  9. Undercover Around the World
  10. Irate Pirates
  11. Perilous Pigskin
  12. Swami Whammy
  13. The Disappearing Duchess


C b bears-intro(1 2 hour version)00:58

C b bears-intro(1 2 hour version)

"The Missing Mansion Mystery" episode09:24

"The Missing Mansion Mystery" episode

Cb bears-"Ah..00:23

Cb bears-"Ah... that should do it, Bump!"

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