Richie Rich Image - Cadbury

Herbert Cadbury (known simply as Cadbury) is the main servant hired by Richie Rich's family in the comic book series and the Hanna-Barbera cartoon adaptation. In the latter, he was voiced by Stanley Jones, who also voiced Richie's father, Richard Rich, Sr. Cadbury's full name was revealed in the 1994 movie adaptation starring Macaulay Culkin. He speaks with an English accent.

Cadbury serves as one of Richie's bodyguards, the other being Irona the Robot Maid. He is known for his boldness and courage, and is always available when Richie is in trouble. In the comic book series, he is muscular and is powerful enough to act as a snow plow, among many things, and can even do actions that an average person cannot do in real life. Also in the comics, Cadbury tried other occupations, with little success. He is one of a few characters whose wardrobe is the same in animation as in the comic book series.

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