To the eyes of the other characters in Yogi's Space Race, Captain Good is the personification of good sportsmanship and fights for everything right. In truth, he's Phantom Phink, a space racer who uses all possible sorts of cheating like Dick Dastardly, except that he actually wins some races, crossing the finish line either as Captain Good or as Phantom Phink.

Both master and pet can transform themselves, and their vehicle, at the touch of a button. Captain Good looks like a handsome white-clad, blond-tressed muscleman while Phink is a skinny helmeted creep with a hooked nose and bristly black beard.

Although Good/Phink never tricks people into believing they are seeing both of them at the same time and Phink never shows up for the start of any race, nobody suspects they're one and the same, not even the narrator. Good/Phink usually tries to get help from people who live on the planets where the races take place, no matter which identity he must use.