Captain Smokey was a one-time character on The Little Rascals animated series, in the 11-minute segment "Cap'n Spanky's Showboat". He was believed to be voiced by Brian Cummings, as his voice sounds similar to Mr. Hollywood on the 1993 series 2 Stupid Dogs.

In the segment, Captain Smokey had quit his job after The Mississippi Queen had lost business a few years back. In an attempt to get him back into business, the Rascals decide to refurbish the riverboat. Despite best efforts, he still had no faith for his job after he learned that the engine had failed. Then, while Buckwheat and Porky were searching for an engine, a swift current took them off course and headed towards a waterfall, and Smokey attempted to give the ship what would be the ultimate last run to rescue the two boys. Smokey and the Rascals were heroes when they successfully saved Buckwheat and Porky from going over the waterfall, but much to Smokey's dismay, the ship gave out and Smokey was now worried about his future. But thanks to Spanky's idea, Smokey was back into business, even if the ship was transformed into a restaurant.

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