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Casey Kelp

Casey Kelp is the main heroine of Snorks. She is the love interest of Allstar Seaworthy and is a very brave girl. She's pink and has a ponytail on each side of her head. She's strong, smart and kind. She wants to help poor sea creatures in their desperate time of need. Her best friend is Daffney Gilfin, with whom she likes to go shopping.

Unfortunately, due to her beauty, she is frequently stalked by the school bully, Junior Wetworth. Casey is not afraid to speak her mind for herself or anyone else. Casey Kelp is also the arch-nemesis of Lil' Seaweed, Bigweed's sidekick. One time, Lil' Seaweed got Casey into trouble so she couldn't go to the prom. But as usual, Casey prevails and allows her enemies to finish last. Casey is also very proud of herself, her life and Allstar Seaworthy.

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