Title Card

Cavey's Mexicali 500 is the fourth episode of the second season of Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels. It first aired 30 September 1978.


While on vacation in Mexico, Cavey and the Teen Angels witness the theft of ancient Aztec golden calendars from a museum as the lights go out. When they learn that the thief is entered in a desert race, they pursue in hope of beating him to the border and solving the mystery.

Cavey's dream

This episode is memorable for starting with Captain Caveman's mildly erotic dream, in which he and Taffy Dare are alone on a small island. A large hawk snatches Taffy, and Cavey flies to the rescue.

Back in reality, Cavey's alarm clock goes off, waking him up. Cavey grabs the alarm clock bird and says, "Me got you now!" Realizing his mistake, he then says, "You not dream bird." The alarm clock bird retorts, "You're not so good looking yourself!"