This article concerns naming conventions for character articles on the Hanna-Barbera Wiki.

Unnamed characters

There are some Hanna-Barbera characters that don't have official names, particularly in the Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo series. We want to prevent unofficial, unsourced names from being adopted by the fan community, especially when it involves a certain degree of subjectivity or arbitrariness.

Character name spelling

In general on the Hanna-Barbera Wiki, print sources for the spelling of character names (TV credits, model sheets, merchandise, books) are preferred. If a character is adapted from a pre-existing work, the spelling in the source text is acceptable and preferred over common fan spellings.

This particularly applies to foreign dubs of Hanna-Barbera TV shows. While diacritic marks are encouraged, we discourage Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese and other non-Latin scripts for main article titles. Non-Latin scripts may be used within the article.

Sometimes the names of minor, obscure or one-off characters will require phonetic spelling. In those cases, it's advisable to follow standard real-world naming conventions, or if uncertain, start a discussion on that article's talk page. In general, except in cases of an obvious typo, a clearly misspelled name, or where an official source can be quickly cited in the edit summary, discussion on talk pages is encouraged, to avoid sudden character renamings.

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