Charlie the Funland Robot

Charlie the Funland Robot

Sarah Jenkins

Charlie is the errant robot in "Foul Play in Funland", an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. Mr. Jenkins designed the robot to help him run Funland.

Physical appearance

Charlie is a tall humanoid made of metal. He has no mouth, but he does have what looks like a nose, and his eyes are bright yellow; they resemble headlights. Charlie's entire body is in different shades of blue, except for his face, which is beige.


It's unknown what Charlie was like after first being activated, but when Sarah Jenkins sabotaged him, the robot became mischevious and at times destructive. Since he was repaired after having been short-circuited, his settings were improved to be nicer, which proved successful when he was able to gently scratch Scooby-Doo's ears, to the latter's great pleasure.

Powers and abilities

Charlie was created with superhuman strength and endurance. For example, he was able to tear through a brick wall without incident. He was also incredibly fast. Charlie had control over almost every aspect of the amusement park, from the rides and the lights to the food stands, and even the cash registers. The android's only weakness was a powerful electromagnet.


The robot went haywire and left a path of destruction when Jenkins' sister, Sarah, messed it up, since she believed that robots should not work in a place where children were present. Her brother agreed and repaired him, giving him a sense of emotion, renaming him Charlie the Second. The robot proved that his new gentler reprogramming had worked as he gave Scooby-Doo a few strokes on his head.


  • Charlie can be considered to be the first "real monster" to appear in the entire franchise, and not a common human criminal in a mask.
  • Charlie is in the opening theme song and closing credits for season 1, until he was replaced by the Indian Witch Doctor for season 2.

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