The Chest of Demons is the prison for 13 evil spirits on The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.


In ancient times, 13 spirits terrorized the world and were somehow trapped within the chest by unknown means. The chest was locked away in a crypt of a temple in a remote village in the Himalayas, where it remained for many years and was later found by the two ghosts, Weerd & Bogel. They were unable to open the chest (as it could be opened only by the living), but were able to trick Scooby-Doo and Shaggy into opening it and releasing the demons.

The chest was taken by Scooby and friends, who used it during their adventures to re-imprison the spirits that were released. The former captive spirits tried whatever they could to destroy the chest, hinting that it may be a seal of an incredible power. Although the ghosts were eventually returned to the chest, its fate is unknown. It can be assumed that the chest was hidden by the group or returned to its original location in the dark crypt.

The ghosts

Although the chest was intended as a prison for 13 evil spirits, only 11 were recaptured:

  • Maldor the Malevolent - A dark magician
  • Queen Morbidia - Commander of an army of demons
  • Mirror Demon - A demon who haunted the mirror realm
  • Zomba - A zombie demon who imprisoned her victims in television shows
  • Bermuda Triangle Ghosts - The captain of a ghost ship and his passengers (they don't count among the 13 Ghosts).
  • Nicara - A succubus who seduced Vincent Van Ghoul
  • Marcella - A demon witch
  • Time Slime - A demon who conrolled the flow of time
  • Demondo - A demon who could imprison people within books and newspapers
  • Rankor - A vampire who wanted to join S.A.P.S
  • Professor Phantazmo - The ringleader of a circus of horrors
  • Zimbulu - A lion demon

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