Christine Baranski 2010 Met Opera Shankbone

Christine Baranski at the Met Opera in 2010. (photo by David Shankbone)

Christine Jane Baranski (born May 2, 1952, in Buffalo, New York) is an American actress of Polish ancestry. She was the voice of Amelia von Butch in Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?.
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At age 19 while studying at Juilliard, Baranski was awarded $1,000 for living expenses because she was "the most hard-working, economically needy student". But instead, she admits, she used the money to spend two months in Europe.

Baranski lives in Connecticut with her husband, Matthew Cowles, and two daughters, Lily and Isabel. She raises her daughters without television because she doesn't approve of the sexual content and violence on the screen.

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