Colpix Records was a record label founded in 1958 by Columbia Pictures, to release soundtracks from Columbia feature films and TV shows. Since Hanna-Barbera cartoons were distributed by Columbia's TV division Screen Gems, Colpix was able to release soundtrack albums and other related material from their shows.

All albums were released in mono only, except where noted by the SCP prefix.

Album releases

  • CP-201 - Adventures In Space - Ruff and Reddy (1959)
  • CP-202 - Huckleberry Hound (TV Soundtrack) (1959)
  • CP-203 - Quick Draw McDraw (TV Soundtrack) (1960)
  • CP-205 - Yogi Bear and Boo Boo (TV Soundtrack) (1961)
  • CP-207 - Here Comes Huckleberry Hound (TV Soundtrack) (1961)
  • CP-208 - Mr. Jinks, Pixie And Dixie (TV Soundtrack) (1961)
  • CP-210 - Huckleberry Hound & The Ghost Ship (TV Soundtrack) (1962)
  • CP-211 - Quick Draw McGraw & the Treasure of Sarah's Mattress (1962)
  • CP-212 - Top Cat (TV Soundtrack)(1962)
  • CP-213 - The Jetsons (TV Soundtrack)
  • CP-302 - The Flintstones (TV Soundtrack) (1961)
  • CP-472/SCP-472 - Hey There It's Yogi Bear (Soundtrack) (1964)

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