Constructo is a Zillion Dollar Adventures segment of the sixth episode of the first season of the Richie Rich cartoon series, part of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show. It originally aired 13 December 1980 on ABC.


Irona was training a group of robot maids on how to clean a chandelier, with Irona standing on the ceiling. Then, an alarm sounds and informs Irona that it is Richie's bedtime. When getting ready for bed, Richie jumps through a hoop and in no time, Richie is wearing his pajamas and is ready for bed, and is looking forward to the launch of Professor Keenbean's latest invention, a robotic road builder called Constructo.

The next morning, Richie, his parents, Gloria and Professor Keenbean were attending a ceremony where Professor Keenbean was awarded the key to the city for inventing a robot that would build roads more efficiently. But trouble was awaiting, when a suspicious man with a special green monocle designed to hypnotize the robot into going haywire and cause havoc in Richville. Professor Keenbean felt bad, not expecting it to happen, and using one of his other inventions that would put him in a straightjacket while he is being escorted into a police car. Richie, Gloria and Dollar now had a job to hunt down the suspect and bring him to justice.


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