Counterfeit Dollar is a Riches segment that aired on the seventh episode of the first season of the Richie Rich cartoon series, as part of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show. It first aired 20 December 1980 on ABC. The story is loosely based on a five-page story originally published around 1976, republished earlier in 1980, and later republished in Richie Rich Digest Stories #17 (the final issue of the series before Harvey Comics went on a four-year hiatus, released in July 1982).


A thug has a plot to rob the Rich mansion, so he decides to disguise himself as Dollar the Dog so that Richie thinks it is his legitimate dog. Richie then sensed something fishy going on, and in an attempt to capture the thug, he decided to invite both the real Dollar and the fake Dollar for a taste test involving dog food, with police officers accompanying them. Both Dollars ate the dog food, and needless to say, the fake Dollar reacted badly, and then Richie removed the mask in front of the police, and the thug was taken into custody.


  • In the comic book story, the fake Dollar was seen smoking a cigar. This was most likely not seen in the cartoon version, even though tobacco usage was still prevalent on some Saturday morning cartoons around that time, despite the cartoons being targeted to young children.