Dangerous When Wet

Dangerous When Wet is a 1953 Technicolor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical starring Esther Williams, Fernando Lamas, and Jack Carson, directed by Charles Walters. The film is about Katie Higgins, the wholesome daughter of a dairy farmer, who meets a traveling salesman, Windy Weebe (Jack Carson). Weebe sells an elixir that purports to turn the user into a peppy, fit-as-a-fiddle specimen, and upon noticing the entire family's strength in the water, suggests that they all attempt to swim the English Channel. The family and Weebe head off to England whereupon they learn that the distance to be conquered is 20 miles "as the seagull flies" but with the currents, can be up to 42 miles. Katie is the only one in the family strong enough to attempt this feat, so she begins training with Weebe as her coach.

In the dream sequence, Katie does an underwater ballet with Hanna-Barbera's cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, as well as animated depictions of the different people in her life.


  • In the underwater sequences in which Williams speaks to Tom and Jerry, Joseph Barbera had pink bubbles drawn coming out of her mouth for a cost of $50,000.
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