Dinosau Spirit

Dinosaur Spirit

The Dinosaur Spirit appears in "3-D Struction", an episode of What's New, Scooby-Doo?. It was a robot based on the extinct dinosaur called Gigantosaurus, operated by Heather Lane and Luis Cepeda.

Physical appearance

The Dinosaur Spirit was a large, bipedal theropod dinosaur that had green skin, spikes running down its back, sharp claws, a spiked tail, a lined underbelly, and a large mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.


It didn't pay any mind to the massive destruction it caused to the museum.


The Spirit was brought to the museum from the Temple of Agazar. It has destroyed several areas prior to the Mystery Inc.'s arrival. During the showing of a 3-D movie by J.J. Hakimoto in the cinema, the spirit emerged from the screen and terrorized the exhibition.

It chased Mystery Inc. in the abandoned gold mines while they were searching for clues. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo later try to lure the creature from the mines to Fred's trap. The trap ultimately failed. Despite this, Velma Dinkley got all the answers she needed to solve the mystery. She had the gang gather all of the suspects and bring them to the cinema.

First, Velma revealed the different clues that led her to believe that the Dinosaur Spirit was fake. The fecal matter in which Shaggy stepped, previously thought to be coprolite, was revealed to be bat guano. Surround sound speakers that were throughout the museum and in the mines made the creature sound loud and in the area. Most importantly, a mechanical excavator similar to one of the museum exhibits was dressed in a false skin to give it the appearance of a dinosaur.

The creature was created by Luis Cepeda and Heather Lane to smuggle gold out of an active vein in the mines under the museum. Cepeda created the legend of the Spirit and fabricated its skeleton to scare people away. When the museum took the bones away, Lane used her experience as an art major to create the monster's appearance. Both Cepeda and Lane were arrested by the Costa Rican police.