Dollar's Exercise is a Treasure Chest segment that aired on the seventh episode of the third season of the Richie Rich cartoon series, as part of The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. It first aired 6 November 1982 on ABC, and it was the second last new Treasure Chest segment of the series. It was based on a five-page comic book story published either in 1981 or early in 1982.


Richie discovers in the newspaper an advertisement for a $1,000 top prize for the fastest dog in a race. Dollar proves to Richie he is fast, but Reggie informs Richie he is also interested in entering his dog, Bullet, in the contest, and is actually much faster. Reggie has a plan to get Dollar out of the contest - he offers a lot of food that is tempting to Dollar, which he ends up eating, and making him overweight. Richie learned that Dollar had gained weight, and decided to put Dollar on a strict diet and a strict fitness program. After hours of exercising, he learns there are a lot of boxes of pizza being delivered, supposedly courtesy of Reggie, and while Richie appears in a thought reminding Dollar he is on a diet, but his temptation gets the best of him and decides to eat the pizza. To make matters worse, Dollar had hurt his nose and ends up wearing a bandage on it. Richie is shocked that Dollar won't be able to win Richie the prize.

Then, the day of the race arrives, and Dollar and Bullet are the only participants in the race. When the starting gun is fired off, Bullet darts off, and Dollar is lagging behind. But Bullet ends up running in a straight line instead of taking a turn, while Dollar was still moving slowly. Bullet turns around, and attempts to catch up, but Dollar ends up winning by a nose - a big, fat, swollen nose.


  • Reggie owned a different dog in the Season 1 Treasure Chest segment "T.V. Dollar".

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