Dr. Diguise is a villain in the Richie Rich series of comic books and cartoons. He made his comic book debut in the early 1980s as part of the organized crime ring known as Villains, Inc., along with the Onion and Dr. Blemish. He only appeared in one episode of the Richie Rich cartoon series, on the fourth episode of the second season, the Zillion Dollar Adventures segment "Villains, Inc."


Dr. Disguise is a faceless criminal, who supposedly has a solid black-colored head. His being faceless may be designed to hide his true identity. In the episode "Villains, Inc.", he would disguise as Gloria Glad, accompanying Richie in the Rich mansion watching the news. Midway through the segment, he would disguise as Richie and steal gold from the U.S. Mint in an attempt to destroy the real Richie's credibility.

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