Dr. Frost, voiced by Corey Burton, is the main villain of The Further Adventures of SuperTed episode "Leave It to Space Beavers". He has a henchman named Pengy, voiced by Frank Welker.


Dr. Frost first appeared in "SuperTed Meets Doctor Freezing Frost" in SuperTed Annual 1988. He and Pengy have evil deeds, so they plan to tell the space beavers to come and have a taste. Then Dr. Frost tells the space beavers a lie about SuperTed and Spotty making trouble, so Dr. Frost, Pengy and the space beavers tie SuperTed and Spotty on the log. Dr. Frost and Pengy turn the outside ground into ice. But SuperTed, Spotty and the space beavers have to go to Dr. Frost's ice cream house. Then they battle Dr. Frost and Pengy. The first ray bounces off the mirror, turning Pengy into a giant icicle and killing Pengy. SuperTed, Spotty and the space beavers defeat Dr. Frost with strawberry ice cream. Afterward, Dr. Frost starts to cry.