Drusilla is a character that only appeared on the Smurfs cartoon show Season 7 episode "Chlorhydris' Lost Love". She is an evil, vindictive witch who went to the same sorcerer's school as Manfred the Magnificent, a wizard with whom she was in love, only to lose him to her fellow student and rival witch Chlorhydris. In revenge, Drusilla lured Manfred into her cave on the day he was to marry Chlorhydris and turned him into a stone statue, leaving Chlorhydris heartbroken and hateful, believing he had abandoned her.

Drusilla lives alone in her cave, with only two vicious eels as her "pets". In appearance, she seems somewhat younger and thinner than Chlorhydris, even though they are supposed to have been student witches together, and she has a long nose, buck teeth, and freckles, as well as long orange red hair in snakelike strands similar to Evelyn, but with golden baubles tied at the ends. She also wears a long red dress with a fringe of gold baubles at the bottom.

Eventually, Drusilla is defeated by Sassette Smurfling and Vanity Smurf, the latter of whom accidentally deflects with his hand mirror the stone spell she tries to cast at him, causing it to ricochet back on her, turning her to stone instead.

Notes: Drusilla's nose is curiously shorter in a flashback sequence depicting her, Manfred and Chlorhydris in their younger days. Nevertheless, time has been noticeably much kinder to her than Chlorhydris. Of the three, only Manfred looks the same in the past and present, and that is because of Drusilla's spell preserving him from aging during the years he spends as a stone statue before Sassette and Vanity free him. Drusilla's pet eels are similar to Ursula the sea witch's pet eels Flotsam and Jetsam from Disney's The Little Mermaid (which was released two years after the episode), except they apparently do not speak. In fact, they do not seem to have any magical attributes except that they can breathe and move on land. Drusilla is slightly similar to the Gorgon Medusa, only she does not actually have snakes for hair. Drusilla has a crazy laugh.

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