Elizabeth Blake

Elizabeth Blake is the mother of Daphne Blake in standard Scooby-Doo continuity. Her name was first given in "No Thanks, Masked Manx", an episode of The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show. Her voice sounds reminiscent of Regina Rich, the mother of Richie Rich, which implies that an uncredited Joan Gerber may have provided Elizabeth's voice.


In standard Scooby-Doo continuity, Elizabeth Blake looks like a more mature version of Daphne, as she does in "Horror of the Haunted Headpiece". In "Robopup", however, Elizabeth appears as a full-figured blonde dressed in green.


During Daphne Blake's pre-teen years, Elizabeth shared a lot of personality traits that Daphne had at the time, such as a strong disbelief in ghosts and monsters, and being highly concerned with Daphne's appearance, criticizing her for fainting since she [Daphne] could've wrinkled her dress. Once Daphne grew up, Elizabeth seemed to lose these traits and become more down-to-earth.



  • It is said by Daphne in the comic story "Diamond Dog" that her mother is Jewish, as her maternal uncle, Saul Slotnik, is a Jew, suggesting that Slotnik was one of Elizabeth's potential maiden names.
  • Elizabeth Blake has different voice actresses in foreign dubs of "Robopup": Lena Meieran in Norwegian, and Anna Apostolakis in Polish.

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