Elizabeth Blake

Elizabeth Blake

Elizabeth Blake is the mother of Daphne Blake in standard Scooby-Doo continuity. Her name was first given in "No Thanks, Masked Manx", an episode of The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show. Her voice sounds reminiscent of Regina Rich, the mother of Richie Rich, which implies that Joan Gerber may have provided Elizabeth's voice.

Physical appearance

In standard Scooby-Doo continuity, Elizabeth Blake looks like a more mature version of Daphne, as she does in "Horror of the Haunted Headpiece". In "Robopup", however, Elizabeth appears as a full-figured blonde dressed in green.


During Daphne Blake's pre-teen years, Elizabeth shared a lot of personality traits that Daphne had at the time, such as a strong disbelief in ghosts and monsters, and being highly concerned with Daphne's appearance, criticizing her for fainting since she [Daphne] could've wrinkled her dress. Once Daphne grew up, Elizabeth seemed to lose these traits and become more down-to-earth.



  • It is said by Daphne in the comic story "Diamond Dog" that her mother is Jewish, as her maternal uncle, Saul Slotnik, is a Jew, suggesting that Slotnik was one of Elizabeth's potential maiden names.
  • Elizabeth Blake has different voice actresses in foreign dubs of "Robopup": Lena Meieran in Norwegian, and Anna Apostolakis in Polish.

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