Everybody's Doing It is a Richie Rich Riches segment aired on the seventh episode of the third season of the Richie Rich animated series, originally aired on November 6, 1982.


The Rich family and staff were attending an outdoor dinner party for a security guard on the occasion of his retirement. Mr. Rich presented a special gift to the guard via television, an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas, described by an anmouncer in the same style as on a game show. Then a man came flying in on a helicopter, and announced he was giving away free bubble gum to the attendants. Everybody obliged, except for Richie and the security guard. Dollar desparately wanted to try it, but Richie stopped him, claiming that Dollar always swallows it. When the family and staff blew bubbles, they were raised in the air, and continued rising. Richie felt that something suspicious was happening, while the suspect decided to shut down the electricity on the estate so that he can commit a robbery.

When Richie returned to the mansion, he discovered that valuables were floating away in bubbles. It was obvious to Richie, and he flew a helicopter inside the mansion to try to nab the suspect. The suspect caught Richie and Dollar, and tied them up in a rope. But thanks to Professor Keenbean's invention, Richie's bow tie that saws through the rope, he was able to escape.

Meanwhile, the security guard was soon finished packing up his stuff, and the thief caught Richie for escaping, but the security guard caught the thief in the act, and tried to escape, but Richie caught the suspect thanks to one of Keenbean's inventions.

Immediately afterwards, the family and staff were still rising and with a special aircraft, a mechanical hand grabbed each victim, burst their bubble, and placed them on board the plane. When the security gusrd was asked if he still plans on retiring, he responded "in 30 or 40 years", which implies that he decided on cancelling his retirement as if he is desparately needed.


  • Irona was seen blowing a bubble shaped like a vacuum cleaner. Obviously, robots cannot blow bubbles in real life, as it requires lungs to do such activity.

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