Evil Con Carne is an animated series produced by Maxwell Atoms for Cartoon Network in 2001, as a companion to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Huckleberry Hound made a guest appearance on Evil Con Carne, as did Mojo Jojo.


The series concerns the failed attempts of an unlucky bad guy, Hector Con Carne, to conquer the world, along with a stupid bear, an annoyingly optimistic mad scientist and a grouchy army official.

Voice cast


Season 1 (2001)

An asterisk indicates a two-part episode.

  1. Evil Con Carne
  2. Emotional Skarr
  3. Evil Goes Wild
  4. Smell of Vengeance*
  5. Devolver*
  6. A Tiptoe Through the Tulips*

Season 2 (2002)

  1. Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne
  2. Search and Estroy
  3. Everybody Loves Uncle Bob
  4. Evil on Trial
  5. The Time Hole Incident
  6. Christmas Con Carne
  7. The Pie Who Loves Me

Season 3 (2003)

  1. Gutless
  2. Day of the Dreadbots
  3. League of Destruction
  4. Son of Evil
  5. The Right to Bear Arms
  6. Trouble with Skarrina
  7. Boskov's Day Out
  8. Go Spork!
  9. Cod vs. Hector
  10. Max Courage!

Season 4 (2004)

  1. No No Nanuk
  2. Teenage Idol
  3. Ultimate Evil
  4. The Mother of All Evils
  5. The HCCBDD
  6. Gridlocked and Loaded
  7. Fool's Paradise
  8. Jealousy, Jealous Do
  9. Hector, King of the Britains
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