Family Guy is an animated television series aimed at adult/older teen audiences on FOX revolving around an overweight Rhode Island man named Peter Griffin and his family: wife Lois, daughter Meg, oldest son Chris, youngest son Stewie (a baby bent on world domination), and talking dog Brian.

The show contains many pop culture references and spoofs on Hanna-Barbera Productions.

Visual Mentions

Picture Episode Description
"Brian in Love" In the episode, the family is watching the closing sequence of "The Jetsons." George Jetson is shown walking Astro on a walking machine similar to a gym treadmill. When the cat jumps on the machine, Astro naturally starts to chase it, pulling George along with the leash. When Jetson gets trapped on the treadmill, going around and around the mechanism, both cat and dog leap off and watch amusedly. George yells for his wife Jane Jetson to come and help. Eventually George gets back into the house, to tell Jane, who had not heard his screams, about the problem. He strictly tells Elroy, his son, to go to his room, so he could reprimand his wife for not hearing him.
"Family Guy Viewer Mail #1" In Lil' Griffins, Scooby-Doo and the gang make an appearance as they run through the ghost house.
"Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" Stewie is shown running an airline check in and singles out Hadji for a security inspection, forcing him to miss the flight with the others.
"Brian the Bachelor" Daffney Gilfin and Allstar Seaworthy are shown enjoying a dinner date, when suddenly Daffney bends over and Allstar gets a peek at her panties, giving his snorkel an erection.
"PTV" Apache Chief (voiced by writer John Viener) helps Peter place a satellite dish on his roof by speaking the word "Inyuk-chuk," which means Big Man, where he grows very tall. Afterwards, having nothing else to do, he dejectedly says, "that was the high point of my day" and decides to go gamble.
"Meet the Quagmires" Brian enthuses about the changes Peter's visit to the past have wrought to the present. Al Gore is president and people have environmentally friendly flying cars fuelled on vegetable oil. Action cuts to the opening sequence of "The Jetsons", complete with the original theme song. However when Jane take George's wallet to go shopping, George grabbing her hand as she leaves the car, saying "I took this out for you. You take this one; I keep this. You're not taking my whole wallet so you can go shopping". Jane responds dubiously "I was just gonna buy some groceries". George replies bullcrap. Later, Peter needs to summon Death to return to the past, observing however that he only shows up when someone dies. At that moment Jane Jetson falls to her death in front of them, accompanied by a fluttering dollar bill.

"8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter" Lois interviews candidates for a new babysitter including Gloop from "The Herculoids." When Lois cannot understand Gloop's speaking, she says the position has been filled and Gloop sends Tundro to shoot explosive energy rocks from his cannon-horn at her.
"Something Something Something Dark Side" In an episode-length parody of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, when the Galactic Empire is sending their droids to the remote ice planet Hoth by dropping them in pods, one of them is a pod with Elroy accompany by the "The Jetsons" theme.

Verbal Mentions

  • "Love, Blactually" - Quagmire gets an erection in front of Loretta Brown by saying "Apache Penis - Inyuk-chuk."

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