Fibber Fox and Yakky Duck

Fibber Fox (voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Shelley Berman) is a fox who first tried to use Yakky Doodle as a "bargaining chip" to get chickens from a henhouse Chopper was guarding. Since then, Fibber has been fixated on catching and eating Yakky, at one point saying that he now hates chicken and wants duck instead.

Fibber shows cunning in his plans, most of which are intended to get Chopper out of the way so he can have a clear run at Yakky. Despite his predatory behavior, he may not be able to eat Yakky. In one episode, Fibber finds that he just can't bring himself to cook or otherwise harm the little duckling, or even let another fox eat him, and Fibber's sidekick Alfy Gator is called to get Yakky.

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