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A playthrough of Empire Interactive's 1994 PAL-only racing game for the Super Nintendo, Hanna Barbera's Turbo Toons.

Played through all circuits, coming in first in each race. The end of the video has all of the character BIOS (they show in-between game demos if you don't push anything on the title screen) put together.

Time codes: -Championship Mode- 1:07 Ricochet Rabbit's Trophy playing as QuickDraw McGraw 11:27 Augie Doggie's Bowl playing as Huckleberry Hound 20:33 Captain Caveman's Cup playing as Top Cat 29:21 Ending Credits 31:46 Magilla Gorilla's Goblet playing as Snagglepuss 38:32 Touche Turtle's Shield playing as Yogi Bear

45:52 Atom Ant's Challenge at Jellystone Park playing as Hong Kong Phooey

47:18 Compilation of all intro character bio screens

Turbo Toons is like a G-rated love-child made between Super Sprint/Off-Road and the battle mode from the original Super Mario Kart. There is very little of anything said about this on the internet, and I think that it's really unfortunate that the little that you do find tends to be all negative.

Some of it is deserved - the characters are a bit big for the pinball type physics of you hit a wall, but I really like the graphics. They're colorful and simple, and look exactly like the characters they represent. They aren't pushing any tech, but they do they're job well. The music? Well, moving along.

The controls are just fine, but it does take a bit of adjustment after Off Road and Super Sprint (you push the arrow the direction you want to go, not the direction you want to spin towards), and there definitely is some depth with the diamond-collecting upgrade system.

My absolute favorite thing of this game is the character roster. This has all of my childhood favorites! My sister and I used to watch QuickDraw McGraw and Squiggly Diddly all the time as kids off of some work out bootlegged VHS tape. :) It's also it Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Atom Ant... and more, all of them good (and many of them not appearing in any game besides this one). Lots of memories there. This game also supports the multitap, which obviously means more fun with five players all battling it out. The single player can't compare to the sheer chaos of several humans beating each other down.

________________ No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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