Flim flam film fans 10b
  • First aired: November 27, 1982
  • Story by: Unknown
  • Duration: 11 minutes



A film director is visiting Greenpoint to shoot a movie, and is looking for actors. Darla is obviously interested, and eventually practices her tap dancing skills on top of the counter at the soda shop.

When the movie is being filmed, Alfalfa and Waldo argue over which of them will be the train engineer. Meanwhile, Darla is tied to a railroad gate, indoors, in the style of Penelope Pitstop. Later it was revealed that the so-called movie producers were actually thieves, which implies that Darla was likely held hostage while a robbery was in progress.


  • Unlike other Little Rascals title cards, the rows on this title card were not centered. The top row was aligned to the left, and the bottom row was aligned to the right.
  • While dancing at the soda shop, Darla reprises her song from "Beauty Queen for a Day".
  • The episode's title is likely a reference to Flim Flam Films, a 1927 animated short starring Felix the Cat.

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