Richie Rich Image - Freckles Friendly

Freckles Friendly (originally known as Freckles Fenwick) is one of Richie Rich's best friends in the Harvey Comics series of publications, as well as in the animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera. Like Gloria Glad, he has red hair and lives with a poverty-stricken family; but unlike Gloria, he is very accepting of the gifts he receives on certain occasions.

Freckles was rarely seen in the animated series, only appearing in seven segments, including the first and last Zillion Dollar Adventures segments of the series. He has a younger brother, Pee Wee, who never spoke one word in either the comics or the animated series. Pee Wee only appeared in two episodes during the fourth and final season: "Rich for a Day" and "Computo". Freckles was voiced by Christian Hoff in the animated series. Freckles was absent during Season 3, which could imply that his original voice actor left the show in 1982, but a different voice actor lent his voice in 1983.

In the comic book series, Freckles looks somewhat like a cross between Pippi Longstocking and Alfalfa from The Little Rascals, and wore a white shirt with overalls supposedly made from blue denim. In the animated series, he had a shorter hairstyle with no cowlick, and his shirt was brown and his overalls were lighter brown.

Richie Rich segments Freckles appeared in

  • "Robot Robotnappers"
  • "The Sinister Sports Spectacular"
  • "Mrs. Rich Plays a Video Game"
  • "Richie and the Drive-In Movie"
  • "Freckles and the Croquet Balls"
  • "Rich for a Day"
  • "Computo"