Georgia Brown (born Lillian Claire Laizer Getel Klot, October 21, 1933–July 5, 1992) was an English actress and singer. She was the voice of Goldie on Fish Police.


Georgia Brown was born as Lillian Klot, the daughter of Mark and Anne (Kirshenbaum) Klot. She was sent to Wales with other youngsters to escape the German Blitzkrieg.

Taking her professional name from the song "Sweet Georgia Brown", she became a British cabaret songstress after the war. She made her first London appearance in 1956 in a revival of The Threepenny Opera at the Royal Court.

Brown once shared a London flat with jazz singer Annie Ross in the early 1950s, and initially was a member (along with Ross) of the jazz vocal quartet Lambert, Hendricks, Ross & Brown. She left abruptly after a very short time and the group later went on to fame as simply Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.

One of Brown's neighbours, and a frequent dance partner, was the famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. When he opened his first salon in 1954, she was his first customer.

Brown died in her native London in July 1992.

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