Ghost of Witch McCoy

Ghost of Witch McCoy

Aggie Wilkins

The Ghost of Witch McCoy was the disguise of Aggie Wilkins in The Scooby-Doo Show episode "The Ozark Witch Switch".

Physical appearance

The witch had pale skin, white hair and black eyes. She wore a violet robe underneath a pink scarf, and had white hair.

Powers and abilities

Many people believed that Witch McCoy used her witchcraft to cast spells on the villagers, turning them into frogs, and that's how she scared them away.

She also appeared to have the ability to transform into a black cat, but it turned out to be Aggie's own strategically placed cat. Shaggy tried to beat her at her own game by dropping a frog costume on her. When she saw herself in the mirror, she was both shocked and impressed that she somehow turned herself into a frog, albeit a gigantic talking one.


Aggie Wilkins made up the Ozark witch, McCoy, to scare the Hattfields away from their cabin, because her ex-boyfriend, Zeke Harkins, deposited a map to his hidden loot in the cabin.


  • The Ghost of Witch McCoy was one of the costumes on display at the Coolsonian Criminology Museum.
  • In the Norwegian dub, the witch is voiced by Lena Meieran.

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