Gillie is a character from Goober and the Ghost Chasers. He is the photographer for Ghost Chasers magazine.


Gillie wears a red turtleneck sweater with a tan jacket, matching tan pants and brown shoes. He also wears glasses with large round lenses.


He is kind, smart and honest. Whenever he sees a ghost on one of the missions, he wants to take its picture, but Goober carries him away from the ghost. Ad he is also known as good-hearted, instructive, level-headed, loving, inspirational, educated, knowledgeable, sympathetic, hard-working, generous, independent, loyal, lion-hearted, imaginative and even-tempered. Sometimes Gillie's clumsiness helps the gang when he falls against a secret passageway, as Shaggy Rogers often does. He gets very excited about photographing the ghost whenever the Ghost Chasers are on a mission.

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