Go Cart Go
  • First aired: November 20, 1982
  • Story by: Unrevealed
  • Duration: 30 seconds



Buckwheat's latest invention is a very powerful fuel for the go cart. Buckwheat advises Porky not to do anything with the fuel, then Butch comes in, steals the go cart, and takes it for a ride. Porky had unintentionally filled the go cart with the powerful fuel, and the go cart runs out of control, and Butch ends up in a pond. Buckwheat congratulates Porky and calls him a genius, even though Porky defied Buckwheat's plea.


  • Despite his appearance, Porky's voice is not heard in this skit.
  • This is the only segment in the series that Butch appears, but his sidekick, Woim, does not appear.

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