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Hair Bear (voiced by Daws Butler) is the glib leader of the Hair Bear Bunch. He is always thinking of ways to escape the zoo, make a quick buck or both. Most of his latter schemes are failures, but more often that not his plans of escape are successful, yet only in order for the bears to see a movie or go to the city.

Another reason for his constant conflicts with Eustace P. Peevly is the bears' infiltration of the zookeeper's cabin to get some food from his refrigerator. As shown throughout the series, the bears' cave is much better equipped than it looks. They have pull-down beds, an oven, pool table and many other conveniences.

Always on top of things, Hair Bear is at the top of the zoo hierarchy, with the other animals trusting him and following his every command, without questioning. Nonetheless, his plots lead to more trouble for the zoo animals.

His persona is anti-authoritarian and lazy, yet resoursful. He has grey fur, has a blond afro haircut, and wears a yellow scarf and an orange vest.

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