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Harvey.Birdman.s01e01.(rus eng).DVDRip.( 000066320

"Harvey Birdman" (born Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law) - American animated television series aired in the night Adult Swim block of the channel Cartoon Network from 2000 to 2007.

Show is one of the four Spin-off cartoon "Space Ghost". Follows the adventures of a fictitious law firm Sebben and Sebben, staffed by superheroes and other cartoon characters of the 1960's, created by Hanna-Barbera.

In each episode of the show appeared many characters of Hanna-Barbera

Visual Mentions

Picture Episode Description
Harvey.Birdman.s01e01.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000669280
"Bannon Custody Battle" In an episode Dr. Quest sues "Race" Bannon, because assignment of his children.Also,Mighty Mightor appears in the episode as judge.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e02.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000668120
"Very Personal Injury" In an episode Apache Chief sues cafe Javalux due to the fact that spilled coffee on himself and ceased to grow in size. Black Vulcan also appears in the episode. Also, there appear Wonder Woman and the Wonder Twins. Aquaman and Superman just mentioned.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e03.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000663320
"Shaggy Busted" In an episode Shaggy and Scooby were summoned to court for misbehavior and allegedly smoking drugs.Fred, Daphna, Velma and Scrappi also appeared in the episode. In prison you can see the Jetsons family(everyone,exept Elroy), Magilla Gorilla , as well as the four villains from Scooby-Doo.Mighty Mightor appears as a judge for the third time.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e04.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000703720
"Death by Chocolate" In an episode Yogi Bear reported to police that his friend Boo Boo sends booby-trapped box of chocolates and bouquets. Ranger Smith appears in the episode, but in pictures, but not live. Also, Dick Dastardly was sitting among the jurors. This episode was the first appearance of Phil Ken Sebben. Mighty Mightor appears again as a judge, the last time in a season.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e05.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000673840
"Shoyu Weenie" In an episode Shoyu Weenie, an overworked Japanese rock band, learns that their number one hit has been plagiarized by an American band called The Neptunes.Mr. Chan and all of his gang appears in an episode,Jabberjaw,Bubbles , Biff,Shelly and Clamhead(members of Neptunes).Dr. Quinn Darian from Godzilla appear in an episode as Dr. Gale Melody.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e06.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000686400
"The Dabba Don" In an episode Fred Flintstone is accused that he was boss of the Mafia. Subsequently, it turns out that he imagines himself to be due to a stroke on the head with a bowling ball. Hereby mafia boss is Barney. Wilma, Dino, Pebbles, and Mr. Slate also appear in the episode. Three times in the episode Birdman wakes up and sees in his bed heads of cartoon characters, namely: Quick Draw McGraw, Jabberjaw and Gloop(or Gleep).The Ant Hill Mob appears in an episode,and Captain Caveman with Thundarr the Barbarian sit in a bar.Mighty Mightor appears again,but he was killed by mafia.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e07.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000650040
"Deadomutt, Part 1" In an episode Phil Ken Sebben hires a new employee, Azul Falcone, along with his friend, Dinomutt. Phil just makes Azul his partner and Harvey do not like it, he notices that all the work for Azul makes Dinomutt. Reducto advises Harvey to kill the dog, and after a while Phil finds Harvey crying near the printer with parts of Dinomutt and report to the police that he killed Dinomutt.Peter Potamus appears in the episode three times, first among the crowd of company employees (as well as a glowing skull from Scooby-Doo), and then goes out of the toilet, throwing a coin to Harvey, and finally have sex with a woman in his office.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e08.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000593360
"Deadomutt, Part 2" In an episode Harvey put in jail for a murder he did not commit. The printer has a paper jam, and Dinomutt tried to pull her from what stuck himself. Harvey is in jail for five years, and when they wanted to electrocute, it turns out that it was a hoax, and Dinomutt alive. Peter Potamus appears in the episode, but among the jurors. Also,in the court we can see Lizard Men.In prison, Harvey married Magilla Gorilla, and at a party in the end we can also see him. Injun from Jonny Quest appears twice in an episode of: he is present at the meeting of the company Freezoid,and leads Harvey to the electric chair. Also Tinker can be seen in an episode.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e09.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000650240
"X, the Exterminator" In an episode Exterminator recalls the murder of Birdman and again trying to steal his coat. Meanwhile, Phil is pushing Rights and Harvey must defend him, and a whole lot he can not go to the toilet. Peter Potamus appears in the episode twice, first washing his hands in the toilet, and then again having sex with a woman behind the wall that penetrates X. Black Vulcan appears in the episode twice: first, he sits in court, saying: "Healing rays of the sun in his pants", and then he appears at the end of the episode, laughing along with the other characters. Also Doctor Doom sitting in the courtroom.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e02.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000638320
"Blackwatch Plaid" This episode was a parody of the old cartoons, where content and scenes are taken from the previous series. This episode contained a footage of all the episodes of the first season (except Bannon Custody Battle), and one scene from the episode "SPF" of the second season. The plot is as follows: Phil Ken Sebben believes that someone is stealing things from his office and installs hidden cameras everywhere , and yet people sue the Secret Squirrel, for the fact that he was publicly exposed, opening his cloak to get devices.In the episode appears very much Hanna-Barbera characters. Peter Potamus and glowing skull appear again in the crowd several times. Also in one of the videos we can see Morocco Mole. In the records there Phil Boo Boo flopping Harvey going in the bath as well as Gloop (or Gleep) entering the female toilet. Also in the courtroom can again see Dr. Doom and Black Vulcan is present in the final scene, when everyone is laughing. Also in this episode Exterminator appears the second time.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e12.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000651160
"Trio's Company" In an episode you can see all the members of the Galactic trio, though under different names. Gravity Girl (as GiGi), Vapor Man (as Vince), Meteor Man (as Terry). Also, Inch High Private Eye sues the boss of his company, Mr. Finkerton for dismissal due to growth and discrimination. Barney Rubble appears in the episode twice: jumping out of the land, but also in the crowd of GiGi lovers. Fred Jones also stands among them. Peter Potamus appears as one of the Gigi lovers kissing her after Phil then asking if she got the ring, which he sent. Black Vulcan appears in the episode as a priest.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e11.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000650360
"The Devlin Made Me Do It" In an episode Bobby Boy imitating a trick of Ernie Devlin and falls into a ditch and break his little body. He serves on Devlin in court. In the episode, you can also see the assistants of Devlin Tod and Sandy. At that time, Harvey thought that Avenger is a woman, since it is underneath the egg, but then it turns out that this egg, which is Peter Potamus hid under the bird to safety. Jane Jetson appears in the episode on indecent photos of Peter. The Hair Bear sits in the jury room, as well as Peter Potamus.Also at one point there Hiram Mightor sitting in a pool with a circle in the form of Wally Gator.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e13.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000644120
"High Speed Buggy Chase" In an episode Avenger away from Harvey Birdman, and Buggy fine for high speed. Also in the episode appears Tinker, Debbie and Mark. Funky Phantom and Boo appear early in episode, in order to write a will after death, as well as sit in court.Bandit and Scrappy-Doo lie in the box of Avenger. Also, Peter Potamus present at his farewell party.
Harvey.Birdman.s01e10.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000605360
"SPF" In an episode Ding-a-Ling sues Mr. Twiddles for stealing his domain for porn site. Also domains was steal from:Hi-riser, Big Duke & Bigger Duke, Kwicky Koala, Schnooker, The Magic Rabbit, Fluid Man, Dirty Dawg, Mother Load, and Galtar... and his Golden Lance. They all appeared in the episode. Also, Magilla Gorilla appears three times in the episode. Harvey wants to earn money and becomes a prostitute, among his "colleagues" can be seen Magilla Gorilla. Also, it costs about the ship of Peter Potamus, who appears in the episode four times, taking the place of Harvey, sharpens rubber doll, pulling indecent pictures and eating a coconut. Also, Magilla Gorilla and Kwicky Koala appears in the episode as pictures.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e01.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000651680
"Back to the Present" In an episode Jetsons sues the planet Earth for destruction of the environment. Minor Jetsons characters appear in the episode as mutants.Orbity is called the episode a result of genetic modification of corn. Peter Potamus appears in the episode asking whether Birdman got his thing, and what numbers would win today.Boo Boo appears in the episode, and Phil thinks that he is an alien. Apache Chief appears in the episode crying that Harvey threw food. Also in the final scene of the flood Jabberjaw appears.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e03.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000607600
"Grape Juiced" In an episode Grape Ape is involved in the Olympics but people wants to take the medal for the reception of steroids. Beegle Beagle appears in the episode as his coach. Gravity Girl appears in the episode as GiGi and she is pregnant. At first she said that father is Harvey but later it turns out to Grape Ape. Boo Boo, Peter Potamus and Devlin's wife appears at a party in honor of the GiGi's child.Yakky Doodle, Gleek and Gloop(or Gleep) appears in the episode as friends of Grape Ape, also inflated pneumatic steroids. Two Indians from Johnny Quest appear in the episode as well.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e04.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000649640
"Peanut Puberty" In an episode Peanut begins at puberty and Harvey tries to explain to him what was happening to him. Aid he asks Apache Chief, Batman and Black Vulcan. Also at the Doggie Daddy sued for what he bitten someone.Phil begins to train him. Also at the beginning of the episode, at the meeting appear Zok, Snagglepuss, Hokey Wolf, Sneezly, Dino, Peter Potamus and Azul Falcone. When Black Vulcan speaks with Peanut in the background can be seen Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon playing football.Also Mentok reads the newspaper, which depicted Jabberjaw. Peter Potamus and Azul Falcone appear in episode two more times.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e05.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000646600
"Gone Efficien...t" In an episode the office Sebben and Sebben decide to become more efficient, and Yakky Doodle wants to change the name. Squiddly Diddly appear in a court as a witness and a bearer of stupid name. Reducto says that his name is a symbol of copulation. Fred Flintstone appeared in the beginning of the episode as one of the builders. Inch High, Private Eye can be seen naked and pierced by a stick from the olives.Among the people in the queue can also be seen Azul Falcone. Also, Peter Potamus appears in the episode several times as an employee of the company.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e06.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000660400
"Droopy Botox" In an episode Droopy Dog sues plastic surgery, for there he injected too much Botox, but Harvey defends doctor and wins the case. Surgery gives him a lot of money, but he is sorry for the dog. Doggie Daddy appears in the episode, coached by Phil, and he was again able to speak. Cindy Bear and Bubbles appear in the queue among the other people. In the book of plastic surgery you can see photos of modified Huckleberry Hound and Mr. Twiddle. Also among the angry crowd, beating Azul Falcone you can see Jane Jetson. You can see Baba Looey as a postman of Exterminator. Peter Potamus appears in the episode twice, the second time as a man, as well as Doggie Daddy had an operation for sex change he made an operation to change the race.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e07.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000651280
"Guitar Control" In an episode to Quick Draw McGraw sue for possession of a guitar. The Dalton Gang also appear in the episode, and Baba Looey which kills by Peanut. At the beginning of the episode a lot of people riding in cars, and among them you can see Elroy Jetson and Peter Potamus. Also, Peter Potamus appears the jury in court, sniffing his hand. Even in the court among the founding fathers sat The Funky Phantom. Also, when Mentok goes to his nephew's birthday, he replaces himself Hiram Mightor. Among his mistresses can see Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone. When Quick Draw McGraw pushing it you can see Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and Ranger Smith. You can also see the defending Hillbilly Bears.
Harvey.Birdman.s02e08.(rus+eng).DVDRip.( 000655520
"Booty Noir" In an episode Wally Gator sue and Harvey defends it. Also in the episode Reducto acquainted with the woman. In the beginning there is a live Scrappy-Doo, but he was eaten by crocodile. Also in the episode you can seeBlack Vulcan, he is an ex-boyfriend of the Reducto's girl. Also Peter Potamus appears three times, reading a newspaper in the park, taking a bird from Wally and making barbecue with friends.

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