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Heidis song

Heidi's Song was a 1982 animated musical film, adapted by Hanna-Barbera from Johanna Spyri's famous book and directed by Robert Taylor. It was released to theaters on November 19, 1982.


Johanna Spyri’s best-loved children’s classic, Heidi, is affectionately retold in this colorful, full-length animated musical motion picture. The famed story has been supplemented with three new, unforgettable sequences: a musical review, "The Nightmare Ballet", in which Heidi meets the mountain creatures of the Wunderhorn; a dream fantasy in which Clara, Heidi’s wheelchair-confined friend, meets her Prince Charming at a fantastic ball, and "Ode to a Rat", in which a band of evil but clownish rats, led by King Rat, are roused into attacking Heidi in a dark cellar.

Sixteen original songs were written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Burton Lane.

Voice cast

Home video releases

Heidi's Song was released on VHS by Hanna-Barbera Storybook Classics sometime in the mid-1980s, and on DVD by Warner Home Video on July 31, 2012.

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