Hong Kong Story is the 8th episode of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kids, it originally aired on Oct 27, 1973.

Plot: The Kids are called from an airplane race to go to Hong Kong. An extremely valuable Jade statue is in danger of being stolen and their mission is to protect it at all costs. When they reach Hong Kong they make it to the museum where the statue is on display and notice it's closely guarded. They also notice a middle-aged man following them all over, it turns out he's the henchman of a merchant who is going to use the Kids to help him steal the statue. The Kids meet up with their contact, and help him deduce that one of the brand new yachts that have just come in has to contain the thief. Butch and Merilee go on board his yacht, while Elvis creates a distraction, and find their sheet music and two models of different ships. That night, during the finale of their concert, which coincidentally contains fireworks, the thieves take advantage of it and use explosives to steal the statue, knowing it can't be heard due to the fireworks! The Kids figure this out while hearing the theft on the news and realize they were used and must stop the thief! Can the Kids catch him in time, or will they be unknowing accomplices in a major crime?


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