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The Hooded Claw is the main antagonist of The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. He is voiced by Paul Lynde.


Sylvester sneekly profile render by astrogirl500-da3il0m

Sylvester Sneekly is a lawyer.He is a handsome man,charismatic, tall and slim.Sylvester has a short auburn hair with two single short curly fringes in each side of his head, his nose resembles a carrot and black eyes. He also wears his small eyeglasses.

His primary appearance, is a classic 1910's dark green formal suit jacket with a matching green formal vest in a white long sleeve button shirt with a red neck tie on the collar, dark green pants and black shoes.

As his alter-ego The Hooded Claw, Sylvester's formal suit is now purple and dressed in a very long green collared cloak and black shoes. He also wears a purple mask and a matching green baggy hat with black linings on his head.

Infact in this note this hooded claw costume is always dangerous and make sure wants to get killed, of course the traps. That means is so dangerous, so I told you about the dangerous things what does he had to do.

Friendship with Penelope Pitstop

0050A92400000258-3458056-image-m-20 1456132872032

His character is really perfectly for her lawyer and friendship interests,of course. Making friendship is always absolutely perfect but not unbelievable! Any ideas for friendships are much better than this,which note is always to be lovely with the hugs!

The Bully Brothers

3 Best Friends To The Rescue!

The Hooded Claw has two minions, the Bully Brothers, who are the only visible characters who know that Sylvester Sneekly is, in fact, the Hooded Claw. The Bully Brothers would normally do whatever he told them to do. However, there have been occasions in which the Bully Brothers would ask if they could do something else, such as "We want to go to Coney Island" or "While we're here, may we look for acorns?" Comments such as these would annoy the Hooded Claw and he'd threaten them. Anything they will be best friends forever, most of the time.

The Narrator's Interference

Whenever the narrator (who also knows that the Hooded Claw is Sylvester Sneekly) would verbally interfere with the Hooded Claw's plans, the fiend would usually try to look down upon him by calling him "wise guy", "a busybody" and "nosy", thus breaking the fourth wall.

Problems and Troubles

1 Stories
1 Pocket
1 Falled
1 Angry

And be careful, these traps are always dangerous. In this note before running away, his magic word is "Ta-ta". Every phrase is always really funny. He said "What is this, baby snugs?". He has got a lot of many problems to him. Firstly, he has got a money for change, secondly, he's really happy to the best plan,and finished,he said "blast" would be perfect.

Famous Quotes

  • "Blast!"
  • "I'll get you, Penelope Pitstop!"
  • "I'm gonna kill ya slowly..."
  • "Do you little dirty work!"
1 Scream

Blast Again!

Screenshot 2016-12-21-21-48-36


Screenshot 2016-11-08-21-45-49

I told you for next time!

1 Chocolate Candy Box

They say it's your birthday!

1 Tooncast

He wanna play basketball and bounce in the air. That's his favourite sport to a walk to match! Also he toched the ball!

1 Accident

It's me!

1 Correction

Correction to jump!

1 Passion

Exactly,infact is really dangerous without water!

1 Think

I think how could wanna to get her!

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