Horse Sense
  • First aired: September 24, 1983
  • Story by: Unknown
  • Duration: 11 minutes



Alfalfa learns how to ride a horse in preparation for a horse race in which he and Waldo compete, trying to win Darla's affection.


  • This is the final new episode to feature Waldo. His official last appearance was in a rebroadcast of "Class Act", which aired four weeks later.
  • When Darla wished Alfalfa good luck with the race, she kissed him on the cheek. Given that Darla appears to be six years old in the series, this practice would constitute as sexual harassment in real life.
  • Although unconfirmed, it may be possible that Alfalfa's trademark cowlick may have declared Alfalfa the winner of the horse race. If true, this moment would later be carried over to the 1994 movie The Little Rascals in the Go-Kart race scene.

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